• MA Teaching, Music K-12, Seattle Pacific University 

  • 13 Years as Music Specialist, Schools and Piano

  • WA State Certified Music Teacher: Choral and General

  • Certified in Kodaly, World Drumming & Kindermusik

  • Specializing in Beginners and Intermediate Students

  • Preparing Students for the Royal School of Music Exam

  • Tutoring Language Arts and Elementary Students

As a mother and educator, I deeply value how music connects us to our world, others and ourselves. My focus is on these connections and how they benefit all areas of personal development. Piano lessons are an excellent foundation for beginning musicianship, all areas of learning, and above all, enjoyment! 
The process is the key. With a combination of traditional music reading, learning to play by ear, and additional instruments, the student and I lay the foundations for musical knowledge, skill and expression.  Because each student learns differently, we will use the best material and teaching techniques for each student's learning style, such as singing or drumming to reinforce concepts and a variety of repertoire to match the student's skills and interests.
Is my child ready for piano lessons?  The best age to start is when your child has an interest in piano lessons, can focus on tasks for twenty minutes or more, is beginning to read and has a willingness to practice. The process for teaching young children, is organic: designing the lesson to meet the child's learning level and style. Ultimately, to create a joyful and developmentally appropriate lesson, I focus on the most important factor for young beginners: that piano lesson time is enjoyable and the instruction and material is engaging -- neither too easy or too hard. My goal is that your child looks forward to piano lesson time! 
For the intermediate and the adult student: we will focus on the student's musical interests and study a variety of repertoire to increase musicianship, keeping the process challenging and enjoyable. The student guides the direction of the lessons with their interests and goals. 
I look forward to hearing from you! 

Redmond, WA

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Piano Lessons & Tutoring - Redmond Studio or Online

Becky Kelly Piano - 11398 174th Ave NE, Redmond, WA 98052 



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