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Piano Lesson Details

In-Person or Online

Daytime or After School 

Two Yearly Recitals

Video Tutorials for At-Home

30 Min Lesson...............$35

30 Min for 2

or more students.............$27

Weekly Private Lesson Fees

Lesson Elements and Performances
  • Review assigned material and refine technique and expression 

  • Learn new material, usually 1-2 pieces per lesson, depending on skill level

  • Practice music reading, hand technique, scales/arpeggios and theory

  • Winter and spring recitals

  • Videos available to supplement the lesson

Expectations for Families
  • A piano at home (sorry, no keyboards, read why )

  • Weekly lessons are expected

  • Daily practice, approx. 20 minutes for beginners, 30 for intermediate 

  • Parent involvement for young beginners

Payment Policies
  • Lesson Fee - $35/30 min lesson, $27 for more than one student

  • Materials fee - approximately $30 every 6 months for lesson books

  • Lessons are billed monthly, due the first of the month for upcoming lessons

  • Weekly lessons are expected, but if a student needs to miss a lesson: 

    1. A makeup time is offered. 

    2. Or, up to one lesson a month will not be billed, or, if already paid, it will be credited towards the next month's payment.

  • Please note: a minimum of three lessons a month is billedAny paid lesson that is missed will be give a makeup credit that can be used at anytime in the future, but not in place of the regular weekly lesson. 

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A piano has a touch, feel, and sound that even the most expensive keyboards cannot reproduce. In my experience, students learn faster and stay in lessons longer with a piano. Parents often think "let's see if my child likes lessons first, and then I will get a piano." However, this approach often backfires because a keyboard doesn't have enough resistance to strengthen a beginning student's fingers. Students then become frustrated because their fingers do not have the individual strength they need to play effectively and expressively. Most importantly though, playing a piano is a beautiful sensory experience of sound and touch that once experienced inspires the child to return to it again and again. 


Don't let cost or size be a determining factor.  Often, used pianos can be found for free or low cost on Offerup and Facebook Marketplace. And, the footprint of a real piano is only slightly larger than a full size keyboard. Also, a real piano is a piece of furniture and is more attractive than a keyboard, especially if placed in a living area. Feel free to reach out to chat more about finding a used or new piano. 

The Joy of Playing a Piano

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Do Online Lessons Really Work? 


During our lesson, I have camera views of my hands on the keys, my face and the lesson book.

Additionally, the video tutorials support the student throughout the week as they see and hear the music they have just learned. 

I have started many students, including young beginners, with online lessons and they have been very successful! 

Sample Videos

Sample Videos

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